“Unknown Unknowns”

Insomuch as I have disagreements (deep and veracious disagreements) with the neo-conservative movement idealized by the Department of Defense in the early George W. Bush years, Politico did a thoughtful interview with former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld recently, entitled “A Decade of Fighting Terrorism,” which I recommend watching. He is a wealth of knowledge, with a political career that spanned almost five decades. He is the second longest-serving Defense Secretary after Robert McNamara, served terms as a Congressional Representative and White House Chief of Staff.

He skirts around the obvious questions and spends a little too much time overtly plugging his book, Known Unknowns (and his website), but his ideas about reform in the DOD and his thoughts on the U.S. intelligence community are, in my opinion, accurate.

The only unnerving part about the interview for me is the cavalier nature with which he speaks about the failures of the Iraq War. I recognize it cannot be mentally healthy to spend the rest of your life killing yourself over it, but his recommendations and decisions have effected the lives of millions and it should not be taken lightly.


Well it looks like the Rumsfeld interview is part of a larger defense-related series of interviews by Politico. This morning is Rep. Peter King (NY). This is the best find all week.

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