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3,520 days

Lest we forget the reasons. I wondered, walking to the white house last night, what the celebration was really about. It was not about the death of bin-Laden, for in the end he was just a symbol. And it wasn’t … Continue reading

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“Do you think we’re stupid?”

According to CBS News, President Obama spoke very candidly last night at a closed-door fundraiser at home in Chicago, where no cameras were allowed. The President spoke over a microphone that he may have not known was still on and … Continue reading

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A Grand Bargain

Good speech. Stronger than usual. Four trillion from the deficit in a decade. Two trillion from spending cuts, one trillion from tax revenue increases, and one trillion in savings on interest payments. Seems credible. The four main points to get … Continue reading

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It begins with us?

Just a quick reaction to the re-election launch: it is clear from this approach that the Obama administration is afraid of their own candidate. He is not in the video. In the email, the President writes that his campaign has “never … Continue reading

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