OK people. Relax over the jobs numbers. While there are some negative signs in the economy now, there are also a lot of negative things going on in the world right now. I do not think that the economy is inherently going soft, but rather is grappling with the effects of several large-scale disruptions which would be significant even in a time of economic robustness, e.g. high gasoline prices, severe weather events (frequent tornadoes, major flooding in U.S.), the Japanese earthquake, ect.

There are ups and downs in every recovery. There should be no concern about a double-dip and people need to stop fear mongering. Remember what the same austerity hawks said just weeks ago about long-term U.S. government solvency? Well today treasuries also dipped below 3%, proving that investors actually think long-term U.S. debt is their safest bet right now.

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