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“Unknown Unknowns”

Insomuch as I have disagreements (deep and veracious disagreements) with the neo-conservative movement idealized by the Department of Defense in the early George W. Bush years, Politico did a thoughtful interview with former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld recently, entitled … Continue reading

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The West Wing

One of the coolest photographs I have ever seen. From the White House: President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, along with members of the national security team, receive an update on the mission against Osama bin Laden in … Continue reading

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3,520 days

Lest we forget the reasons. I wondered, walking to the white house last night, what the celebration was really about. It was not about the death of bin-Laden, for in the end he was just a symbol. And it wasn’t … Continue reading

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Secretary Shuffle

Interesting news this morning. My immediate thoughts are threefold: First, no one ever guesses Washington power shuffles correctly (so, ha!). Second, Panetta is a wise choice for Defense Secretary. As chief of the Office of Management and Budget in the … Continue reading

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Is it ever worth it?

Charles Homans, who covers the wikileaks beat for FP, asks a good question in today’s column: Was supporting Saleh worth it? In the past few months, as the arab spring movement blossomed across the region, many analysts assessed that Saleh … Continue reading

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